“In stillness be like the pine. In movement be like clouds and water.” - Qigong Proverb

“I feel very lucky to have found Teddy to assist me with leadership coaching. I recently had taken on a new role at work and spending time talking through my new challenges and potential solutions was invaluable. I appreciated her bringing the concept of mindfulness to my attention as well as a great deal of resources that have impacted the way I approach my job on a daily basis.  Thank you Teddy!”



“The thing I love most about Teddy, as a Coach, is her incredible listening ability. In addition, we have focused on self knowledge and mindfulness in our work together. These ideas and practices have greatly contributed to my well being, increasing my intuition, focus and accomplishing goals in all aspects of my life. I have also found Teddy to be a wonderful resource for my leadership development through referral and participation in excellent training.”


Communications Director

“I stepped down from my position as associate medical director for a large medical group and elected to take early retirement to live life at a different pace. Teddy has been a great help to me in making the transition. She is organized, professional, kind, flexible, insightful and a font of useful information. I believe she can play an invaluable role for those undergoing a transition and seeking to live a more meaningful life.”


Physician, Portland, OR

“Over the last year and a half Teddy has served as a facilitator for the Oregon Department of Corrections Staff Wellness and Resiliency Program. The program is a first of its kind effort to bring mindfulness and emotional intelligence training into the skill sets of corrections facility staff. The novelty of both the training material and the format—community of practice groups with staff sitting in circles to learn and use body, emotion, and mind awareness—is rich and challenging. Teddy possesses humility and empathy to authentically respect the corrections culture that she had not known before, and all the while astutely challenge unhelpful beliefs and resistance. I find her remarkably gifted in this ability to balance unquestionable loyalty to people’s experience with honest observations of opportunity for change.”

Kelly Raths

Administrator, Oregon Department of Corrections

“I have known Teddy since attending the Warrior Monk training in 2005. She has the special ability as a coach, facilitator, communicator and leader to combine deep thoughtfulness and compassion with a sharp sword, and an intelligent sense of timing. As a health care provider, educator, and trainer, I understand the fine balance required to hold space, be respectful, remain persistent, and motivate behavior change. Teddy demonstrates these abilities with a natural grace and beauty that’s hard to describe but quite palpable. She can utilize the practices of meditation, breathing, and heightened awareness to facilitate transformation in a unique way that may actually be required to support behavior change as we move into an era where people will become more resistant to methods less in alignment with the technology of mindfulness.”

Ron Kaz, RPh

Director Pharmacy Marketing, Boise, ID