Executive Coaching & Whole Health Education for Enhancing Your Vitality

With pressures in the midst of a work-centric culture, how do you ensure your own well-being isn’t being compromised?

Everyone needs time for reflection and sometimes we need new tools for taking better care of ourselves. Partnership-Works is dedicated to mind and body practices that are foundational to health, ultimately, reducing stress, enhancing inner peace and leadership effectiveness.

• Restoring energy and remembering your natural state of being
• Learning practical evidenced based mindfulness skills for reducing stress
• Gaining information and resources on five elemental aspects of whole health
• Designing a self-care program
• Growing joyful resiliency

Individual Coaching Services

OfficeWe begin with what matters most to you. Conscious attention is given to your well-being, how you want to lead your life and thrive at work. Change is the constant for all of us. Making lifestyle changes and learning mindfulness – in all its simplicity – helps us more gracefully ride the waves of change and recalibrate our innate resiliency for thriving. Here are some things we will cover in our sessions:

  • It all begins with training your mind.
  • Mindfulness supports your body’s well-being and healthier lifestyle choices.
  • Gaining confidence for making difficult decisions.
  • Acquiring resiliency skills for effectiveness at work.
  • Integrating practices that support your leading with excellence.

For best results, you are invited to consider meeting twice a month, for three months. One month is too short a time to fully realize benefits for achieving your goals. Coaching sessions are offered in person at my office or via video conferencing/telephone. Coaching times are available between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Mondays through Fridays.

My coaching provides:

  • Courage for making aligned choices
  • Educational resources for a healthy lifestyle
  • Mindfulness practices for managing stress, improving focus, and inner peace
  • Strategies for developing meaningful relationships
  • Communication techniques for leading with more confidence

Workshops and Group Services

Complimentary Qigong – Mindfulness in Motion

Start your day with gentle movement and meditation from Holden Qigong Five Element practices, for enhancing immunity and resiliency. The practices will be calming for the mind, relaxing for your heart and replenishing for your body. You are welcome “anytime” throughout!

Time: June and July
Fridays, 8:00 AM – 8:30 AM, Pacific Time
Starting June 5th

Register in advance here

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Health Is Wealth

This program is a personalized Mind Body Program designed for executives who want wellness practices for dramatically improving life. See program details here

Transforming Communication

We are an interdisciplinary team whose leadership development approach focuses on evolving communication and meeting clients needs through designing a plan that includes coaching and facilitation. Outcomes are fostered by supporting human development and cultural evolution. Learn more here

Community Practice Group for Healthcare Providers

Facilitating Mindful Medicine‘s monthly Community Practice Group for providers who want to integrate mindfulness into their lives.

Online, Third Thursday of the month, 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Join via Zoom
For more information see our flyer

Mindfulness & Sexuality Workshop

*Postponed until 2021*

This Mindfulness & Sexuality Workshop will be facilitated by Sheila Silver, MA, DHS and Teddy Gardner, M.Ed., PCC, WHE. Do you ever feel challenged with staying present to yourself in the presence of another? Could your ability to be really present with your own body and that of your partner enhance your relationship and your experience of sexuality? Join us for a meaningful time of learning, practice and discussion for enhancing intimacy, self-acceptance and asking for what you want. This workshop is appropriate for anyone regardless of gender identity, relationship status and or sexual orientation.

Cost: TBD
Location: TBD

“When it comes to your development, I believe mindfulness coaching is better coaching because mindfulness practices have proven benefits for clients in health, decision-making and leadership.  There is conscious attending to what’s happening for you emotionally, mentally and relationally.”

Janice Marturano

Founder, Institute for Mindful Leadership