It’s been said, “It’s never too late to make the next best decision.”

Along with many who are struggling right now in this soul crushing time, I’ve been hesitant to write.  However, while pondering pain in the world, possibilities and passion, my heart felt called to share what’s new with Partnership-Works and about a free offering, that you may find enlivening.  See complimentary movement offering below.

Partnering with our minds and bodies for well-being is it’s own practice.  As many of you know, in 2017 I became certified as a Whole Health Educator through the National Institute of Whole Health.   This work has brought deeper understanding to “how much” stress influences breakdown of our immune system, leading to new resources for coaching clients.  The good news is, even when our health gets knocked down, our bodies are working on our behalf in every moment towards recalibration.

Given circumstances of the worldwide coronavirus, do you feel like you are being transformed?  For those of you feeling like it is burning away old ways of doing and calling up new ways of being, coaching support is available here.

In this time of extraordinary suffering, we have all witnessed health care workers and business owners facing uncharted territories of stress.  If you are a provider or business leader looking for tools to help manage stress, there are a couple of local organizations that may be able to help.  Mindful Medicine has several new offerings for providers and Transforming Communication offers organizations a unique dialogue process for freeing up patterns of harmful communication, while bringing cohesion to their mission.  It is an honor to be partnering with both of these groups committed to elevating resources for health, leadership and community building.  

Having a mindfulness practice is foundational to one’s sanity and well-being, especially these days.  Health is enhanced through the practice of Qigong which comes from the Chinese Health Care tradition.  It is a transformative practice for decreasing stress and increasing energy.

Holden QiGong  is a game changer for improving one’s vitality.  Currently participating in their teacher-training program, I am inspired to share a series of Qigong movements, postures and meditations for enhancing immunity and resiliency.  Please join me for this virtual practice:

Complimentary Qigong Offering: 

Time: July & August
Fridays, 8:00 AM – 8:30 AM, Pacific Time

Register in advance, at Zoom Meeting Link 
You are welcome “anytime” throughout! 
The practices will be calming for the mind, relaxing for your heart and replenishing for your body.

Questions feel free to call, text or email me. Tel: (503) 318.7975

Warm Wishes for Peace & Health,

Teddy Gardner, M.Ed, PCC, WHE
Executive Coach and Whole Health Educator

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