Dear Community,

I’m hoping this finds you well and enjoying the golden light of summer.

While many of us have been delighting in reuniting with family and friends, having our freedom after a long haul of pandemic protections, creates pause for social adjustments.  I’ve heard many say, “I liked it the way it was.”  “Being less busy had its own gifts.”  If you are pondering lifestyle changes, coaching support is available here.

This past year has made me think about the preciousness of life.  In face of so much loss, globally and personally, my beloved partner would often comment, “We have this moment and the next.”  This wisdom was born out of the loss of his late wife, Claire, who was a dear friend. In honor of her courage facing an excruciating five year decline Gene Zimmerman published a book of poetry called “Searching for Clarity.” It is an entry to the deep love, grace and grief one encounters when facing un-chartered territory of a family member’s decline.  Ultimately, it offers hope to those wondering, “How does one carry on for one more day?”

“A poet is a nightingale,
who sits in darkness
and sings to cheer its
own solitude with
sweet sounds.”

Percy Bysshe Shelley