Getting Started

What to expect

Enhancing Well Being

A safe container is created for exploring fears, challenges and desires. Quality educational resources are provided for enhancing greater well-­being. Your commitment to growth and our work together, will facilitate success.

Restoring Resiliency mindbodyleadership

When resilient, we can bounce back from distress with greater ease. Guidance for developing a mindfulness practice is offered as a means to that end. Mindfulness is a simple yet powerful practice for growing equanimity and compassion toward ourselves, as well as others, that supports vitality.

Developing Leadership

A leadership plan is created through assessments. Cultivating creativity and compassion, for self, and those you are leading are primary areas of focus. While each engagement is client specific, my coaching process involves the following general components with heartfelt commitment to you:

  • Assessment: Various analytical tests that may be employed are: Health and Well Being Inventory, Myers-Briggs Typology, Enneagram and 360 Feedback Process.
  • Challenge: Understanding the depth and breadth of a client’s challenge is integral to the coaching experience.
  • Support: Follow up notes are provided after each session. Referrals are occasionally made for diagnostics, developing specific leadership skills, career expansion and retreat opportunities for renewal.

Ready to get started? Please download and review the following documents: