What to Expect

We are living under unique circumstances with our environment and pandemic. All of these energies hold potential to pull us off center, making it more essential than ever to acquire resources for cultivating well-being and equanimity. Stress drains our system’s energy. Just as a vehicle needs fuel to run, so does a leader need energy for embodying being their best self. This three month mind-body program offers individual coaching sessions that includes qigong micro practices for cultivating presence and a deeper sense of wholeness. Qigong comes from the Chinese Health Care tradition providing a series of postures and movements supportive to the immune system. This practice also acts as an antidote to stress and facilitates thriving with alignment and ease. Here is how we will work together:

Movement for Mindset

  • Seven consecutive coaching sessions are provided for aligning mind-body practices with personal and professional goals.
  • We begin with assessing your current health and well-being.
  • Through a personalized video, postures and movements are recommended for bringing intentions to life.
  • Integrating these mind, heart and body practices hold potential for building awareness of subtle sensation for making better decisions and leading with more ease.
  • Included are educational resources for sustaining well-being, feeling more cohesive and whole.

Coaching sessions are offered in person at my office or via video conferencing/telephone. Coaching times are available between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, PST, Mondays through Fridays.

Ready to get started? Please download and review the following documents: