Teddy Gardner, M.Ed., PCC, WHE has a masters in education, is a certified Professional Coach, Academic Professor and Facilitator whose expertise with mindfulness-based practices is woven into all aspects of her business, Partnership Works.

With a background in rehabilitation counseling and over 10 years facilitating mindfulness-based practices, Teddy brings a diverse depth of experience to her work. She has worked in the corporate arena doing leadership training with teams, as well as the non-profit sector providing retreats, teaching mindfulness and contemplative practices for transforming consciousness. Clients include: business entrepreneurs, academic staff, physicians, directors and managers, some of whom are associated with companies such as Puget Sound Energy and Nike.

Teddy is an adjunct faculty member in the Communications Department of Marylhurst University and is also a facilitator for a Wellness and Resiliency Program being piloted for the Oregon State Department of Corrections (DOC) Staff, teaching skills founded in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).

In combination with her private practice, Teddy works as a health coach in an internal medicine practice at Portland Providence Medical Center (PPMC). She also serves as a consultant to the board for Mindful Medicine, a growing non-profit, and coordinates their physician retreats. Her joy is in creating safe space for inspiring people to grow in performing with excellence.

“Working with Teddy has been a life changing experience.  I am so open to the possibilities that are around me every day I feel like I’ve stepped into a whole new point of view of life.  I have gone from fearful and uncertain to fully embracing life and striving to live fearlessly.  Teddy is a master at her craft of coaching.  I am honored and grateful to have the privilege of working with her.”

Kim Otanic

Supervisor, ODS